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"When water came to light"

The birth of Aquatism

Léos Aqua Aqua

A few words about the artist

Aqua Aqua is the first person, the first artist on this earth, who dedicated his life, his whole artistic life exclusively to the primordial and life element water. Never before in art had water itself become "the nucleus of representation".
Arturo Bovi, Assisi 1975

In the future, the words water and aqua aqua will be inextricably linked for people.
Michel Leiris, Paris 1981

  • 1939 born on 17 February in Frauenstein, Upper Austria.
  • Attended the art school in Steyr with Professors Krepcik and Schatzl.
  • In Venice in 1955, he dedicated his life, his entire artistic life, exclusively to the element of water. Picasso's boldness was the inspiration for this decision. It includes the protection of water.
  • In 1959 he was accepted as a water painter by Prof. Eduard Bäumer in his master class for painting at the Academy and University of Applied Arts in Vienna. "I have never seen a painter who represents only water," says Bäumer.
  • 1963 "Diplom" and "Preis der Akademie" for his pictures of the water world.
  • 1965 Aqua Aqua´s begins its commitment to the protection of water as an element of life. No one, except Aqua Aqua, had supported water even then.

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About Aquatism

Aquatism is born out of water!

Aquatism is the visualization of water in painting, in art. In aquatism, the "world of water" is made "visible" in its lawfulness, essentiality and complexity. Water is an optical body formed by numerous water phenomena.

The optical phenomena in water are basically the same, whether they take place in a river, a lake, in the sea or just in a puddle of water. The optical decomposition, as well as the complete new formation of a form in water, regardless of whether it is mineral, vegetable, animal or human, is a dominant water phenomenon.

A true fascination in the wet element is the optical stripping of forms and their migration to other depths that are farther away or closer to our eyes.

The whole water world, Wherever and however it appears, is included in aquatism.

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